During the road test

Notes During the road test

You will drive about 30 minutes during the test and the test route will include a range of driving conditions and tasks.

You will have to show that you can:

* Control the vehicle correctly

* Obey the road rules

* Cooperate with other road users

* Demonstrate safe driving skills.

You ability to drive safely in less demanding situations will be assessed first. This is to make sure that you have basic car control and traffic skills. If you pass this part of the test, you will then be assessed in broad range of traffic situations.

If you do something that is unsafe in the test, the test will be stopped and you will fail.

Further information about the Drive Test is available at Vicroads.vic.gov.au

If you are tested in a car that has dual controls and your instructor holds a current Driving Authority Number, you can have your driving instructor with you. Otherwise, only the VicRoads testing officer will be with you. Other passengers are not usually permitted.