HPT. Hazard perception practice

To get your probationary driver licence you must first pass the hazard perception test and drive test.

Hazard perception practice test

Practise your hazard perception skills with our online hazard perception test.

Hazard perception test will test your reaction to the driver’s point of view , under different traffic conditions indicated should be made (for example : slow down, stop or turn direction ) . Each question will be randomly selected 7 from 34 questions , you will see some animated fragments that describe a situation that may be encountered in real life , and then use

– 18 years of age or older to apply for dangerous tests.

– The risk of cognitive tests valid for 12 months , but not if overdue Complete get their license, will need to retake dangerous cognitive tests .

– Available through the dangerous road test test test cognitive

– 28 short films broadcast in the shadows , you’re in the driver’s point of view , in Pointed out that the reaction should be made (for example, under different traffic conditions : Slow down, stop or turn direction ) .

– The Transport Department will evaluate the safety rules based on your answers .

– Complete 45 minutes 28 movie playback .

– 54 or more as a passing score

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